Due to economic factors, more and more companies are 'right-sizing.' Many credit departments have difficulty making the large volume of collection calls required with limited personnel. It has become imperative that credit personnel focus on the most productive areas. Outsourcing is a positive alternative to hiring additional staff which entails increased costs.

So what is outsourcing? RAC, acting in your company's name, will place up to 3 calls, 10-days apart, within a 30-day period. We will maintain good customer relations, uncover disputes or discrepancies with payment, and report any problems we encounter. This will enable your staff to concentrate on higher priority calls which have greater impact on your bottom line.

At the completion of the phone cycle, we will submit to you a listing of those receivables with any unresolved balances. 7 days thereafter, your customers will receive either a 10-Day Final Demand Notice insisting on payment or, at your option, they may be placed into our 2-Letter Pre-Collection Service. This will be the first time your customer will be aware of RAC.

At the expiration of the 10-Day Final Demand period or, at the completion of the Pre-collection Letter Service, the account will roll over into our personalized RAC Full Collection Service.

It is important to note that all calls in our outsourcing program are made in your company name.

With each request for outsourcing, you will receive an informational sheet that includes these options:
  • Phone Calls Only,
  • Phone Calls/2-Letter Pre-Collection,
  • Phone Calls/10-Day Final Demand/Full Collection,
  • Phone Calls/2-Letter Pre-Collection/Full Collection.

A statement of account with contact names and phone numbers is necessary initially. Updates, information and questions will be conveyed directly to your personal liaison. At all times, it is our client's responsibility to notify us of any payments or contacts with customers to avoid rolling over into unnecessary services, and possibly jeopardizing the relationship with the customer.

Please contact us for more information.

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