Rosman Adjustment On-Line Service provides the RAC client with the ability to place claims efficiently, monitor progress and status in real time, and communicate with RAC through E-Mail.

These capabilities result in direct cost savings through reduced paperwork and manpower requirements. They assure accurate and timely communications while maintaining a history of the activity on each claim for your instant review. Being on-line insures that, once entered, all claims will receive timely attention.

Your data can be entered in any of the following ways:

  1. Hardcopy data can be furnished to RAC via fax or mail and entered in the system by RAC personnel.
  2. High volume clients may elect to electronically file data on a periodic basis. RAC personnel will work with you to establish system parameters for this purpose.

An "Action Date," is established by you for each claim. Claims entered prior to the action date can be modified or withdrawn by you. On the action date you will be inhibited from making further data changes as RAC begins its collection efforts.

You have remote access to any of your claims in the system. This allows real time review of status and collection activities 24-hours a day. Additionally, all accounts over $1,000 will show comments from RAC on each contact as well as attorney updates.

Please have an RAC Representative contact me with further information about your on-line services:
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